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Meet Our Full-Time Event Planning Staff
Organized, experienced with uncanny service skills. ...get ready to be impressed!

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Meet Our Award Winning Djays and MCs
Our staff Djays all have one common trait... they really know how to light up a room! Click on a staff photo for bios and reviews.


What is it that makes our staff so exceptional?
  • Together we have over 285 years of combined event experience at well over 23,000 events making us masters in the field of event planning and performance
  • All our staff is employed by Denon & Doyle (we do not use sub-contactors, we are a true team!)
  • We really know how to light up a room without resorting to cheezy gimmicks
  • With great back-up plans in place we have never missed an event
  • We are the largest and most requested DJ company in Northern California

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